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Give N Go

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It’s been under fire in recent past as moving our craft backward, albeit from an extremely biased perspective that I happened to not agree with. But there’s no denying Dribbble’s popularity amongst the design community let alone the amount of inspiration I (and countless others) have personally felt from just perusing all of the fine work on display.

And then you have one of the best, if not the best, online sandboxes for creating HTML, CSS and JS. Much like Dribbble, CodePen is a digital showcase of inspiration and education (except with code), some of which will just blow your mind. I personally would encourage everyone to create a free account there to practice your front end skills or even reverse engineer other pens that inspire you.

When you combine the two, you create a synergy resulting in something much cooler than either one of them in isolation, which is saying something, because both are awesome on their own. Enter, Give ‘n’ go, a curated gallery of Dribbble shots reworked as interactive CodePen pens.

Want to bring to life a great Dribbble shot through the browser? Submit your pair of Dribbble shots and CodePen pens on Give ‘n’ Go. Or if you prefer lurking, you can just scroll through the gallery. But be prepared to be amazed and astonished, or at least find something that makes you say “hmmmm.”