Just a hater,
Copy that

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Benchmarking. A term I’ve heard a thousand times if even once. I’ve even used it myself. I’ve always understood it, I mean I get the context in which it’s used—especially…


Going to make a change...
Learning to Learn

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Albert Einstein once said “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” To his point, it’s one thing to be aware of what’s new in web design, quite another…

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Double Dribbble – Out of Bounds Violation

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A few weeks ago Paul Adams, head of product design at Intercom, wrote a penetrating piece called the Dribbblisation of Design that struck a nerve with both the Dribbble community…


Asking the question

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I’m not sure when exactly it starting happening enough to qualify it as an official change in the approved methods of getting answers, but I’m already baffled by the way…