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Service Design Thinking

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I had always enjoyed my iPad, dating back to my first-generation iPad that’s now primarily relegated to preventing all out minivan apocalyptic collapses that end with mom or dad in…

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Double Dribbble – Out of Bounds Violation

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A few weeks ago Paul Adams, head of product design at Intercom, wrote a penetrating piece called the Dribbblisation of Design that struck a nerve with both the Dribbble community…


Epidemic of the Template

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Your website represents you and what you stand for. It’s your window for the world to see you. A powerful unique design can really tell your story and helps show…


Return on UX

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A 12-year study by forrester.com of 1,500 websites revealed that all but 45 failed their user experience measures. Failures due to poor text legibility, task flow and use of space…